Why Polar Adventure has the best fjord cruise in Tromsø?

June 30, 2019

Tromsø is the 3rd largest city in Norway. Since it is located in The Northern Norway, it has all the joys of the North face: a polar climate, a polar life, a arctic fauna and flora. Located above the Arctic Circle, it is undeniable that it is The city you have to visit and to discover in Norway and the North Pole.

Fjord sightseeing around Tromsøya

Thanks to that, but especially thanks to the fjord cruise of Polar Adventure, you will not only have the pleasure of discovering everything you need to know about the fjords, but above all you will see everything from the bay. Crossing City's streets is a good thing, but it is even more efficient to do a Fjord Sightseeing. Going around by boat, especially when it is for taking a look on an island like Tromsøya, is better.
 Polar Adventures organizes one of the best boat tour to allow you to discover the most beautiful riches available at 69 ° North.

A Tromsø Fjord Day Trip by boat

On a Tromsø Fjord Day Trip by boat, you will be pleased to go to Hansnes or Ramfjorden. Depending on the forecast and navigation conditions, we will choose the most appropriate programs to enjoy the best trip with us.

You will start the fjord cruise at 10 am and come back at 3 pm on Tromsø gates. During these 5 hours of boat cruise, you will thus benefit from a visit of the city, and the surrounding villages. You will heard about some of the most beautiful stories illustrating so well our Scandinavian culture.
The Polar Adventures guide(s), the boat captain, and the cook will give you a perfect service that meets your expectations.

After a Polar Adventures team, the weather conditions and the Tromsø Fjord Day program introducing, head to the Far North!
You will travel through several fjords, discover the reliefs and the great outdoors. This big Oxygen breath will be really liberating. To enjoy it at its best, you will even have the pleasure of meeting our local fishes through a fishing time. Let's keep our fingers crossed so that the eagles will be in the game too.

Fjord cruises by boat to enjoy Arctic food and Polar Wildlife

The meal will be traditional, hot and greedy. The different panoramas will all be more beautiful than the others.
Whales, seals and dolphins will surely complete some of your most beautiful shots. Polar wildlife is often invited, according to its desires, and for our greatest happiness on most of our Fjord cruises by boat!

And what about you? Who do you think you want to come with, to enjoy this Tromsø fjord day trip?

Contact us now to enjoy! Polar Adventures offers this excursion all year long. It is also possible to plan it now whenever you think to come.
Of course, the price will be advantageous if you decide to book other Adventures, fun and cultural activities in our Packages.

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