Why Polar Adventures has the best fjord cruise in Tromsø?

June 30, 2019

Tromsø, the Paris of the North. The Gate to the Ice Ocean.

The city and its surroundings contains all the joys, and challenges you can expect above the arctic circle. A polar climate, a polar lifestyle. An arctic fauna, and flora.
Located at 69 degrees above the Arctic Circle it is undeniable that this is The City you have to visit and enjoy exploring in Norway!
Come and enjoy explore its urban vibes as well as its rough and wild surroundings!

Fjord sightseeing around Tromsøya

When joining the Fjord Cruise with Polar Adventures, you will not only have the great pleasure of exploring and discovering everything you want need to know about the Fjords, but above all you will get to see everything in the bays around Tromsø. Crossing, exploring city streets is a worthwhile pastime, but it's even more wonderful to experience a daytrip into the fjords!

Traveling by boat is such a wonderful, exciting experience, especially when it is to take a look at an island like Tromsøya. Its the best!

Polar Adventures organizes one of the best boat tours which allows you to discover the beauties and riches available 69° North.

A Tromsø Fjord Day Trip by boat

On our Fjord Cruise by boat, you will have a wonderful time visiting Ramfjorden. This is a beutiful fjord that has so much wildlife and history to offer. In Ramfjord we also have a little secretsurprise for you :)

You will start the fjord cruise at 10 am and come back at 3 pm in Tromsø harbour. During this 5 hours boat cruise, you will benefit from a view of the island of Tromsø, and its surrounding villages. You will hear some of the most beautiful stories illustrating our Scandinavian culture.
The Polar Adventures guide(s), the boat captain, and the cook will give you a perfect service that will meet your expectations.

During the tour you will have the chance to see seals, purpoises, dolphins, arctic birds, white-striped dolphins and the majestetic Sea Eagle. While you are on the boat you will also get to chance to catch your own dinner! Cod, polluck, catfish and halibut are just a few of the different types of fishes you will be able to catch. Enjoy the view and listen to the sea speak while you taste our fantastic soup made on the boat. Our Fjord Cruise by boat is an amazing adventure were you can relax, enjoy, learn and explore.

Fjord cruises by boat to enjoy Arctic food and Polar Wildlife

The meal will be traditional, hot and filling. The different panoramas will all be more beautiful than the others.
Whales, seals and dolphins will surely complete some of your most beautiful shots. Polar wildlife is often spotted, all in accordance to its generosity on the day, to our great delight it happens on most of our Fjord cruises by boat!

And what about you? Who do you think? Do you want to come with us, to enjoy this Tromsø fjord day trip?

Contact us now and enjoy! Polar Adventures offers this excursion all year long. It is also possible to plan it now whenever you wish to come and visit us.
Of course, you will have the possibility for a better price if you decide to book other Adventures in addition to this one! Find fun and cultural activities in our Pre-made Packages. Or contact us and we will help you customize a package!

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