Tromso region tour in a minibus by night on April

February 7, 2020

Don’t stop planning your holidays in Tromso region when the dark nights finish in April: THIS can be one of our best tour tips yet! To catch the best of your April holidays here, up to the Polar Circle, check our Trips that we in Polar Adventures have to offer! The Tromso region tour in a minibus by night might be one of the most complete and extraordinary events we have on offer!

Actually, the two firsts week of April are really interesting because these are the lasts days to hunt some Northern Lights. In fact, the sunshine is still seen at Midnight, but it's not yet the Midnight Sun, only the very first signs of it. So this means more light pollution from the sky during the night, and thus there is less chance to see the Aurora Borealis. But, it also means that you can see both on the same time.

Normally, on 15th of April, the sunrise is at 4:45, and the sunset is at 20:45. So, it is easy to understand that we have not only some lights during these 16 hours, but even more.

Thanks to that, we can tailor a Tromso region tour in a minibus by night and offer a really unique and unforgettable experience. We start the exploration of Tromso region at 20.00 ,from Tromso city center and you be taken directly to your hotel around 2.00 am.

At 20:, the sun is still with us. So depending of the weather we can try to catch the sunset in a destination close to Tromsø spot with a view of the horizon line, where you can take some amazing pictures and enjoy a magnificent display with a backdrop still affected by the lingering kisses of the fading winter season.

Before and after this we make many stops on the way, to show you the scenery and the unique nature we have here. You can now compare all different landscapes around Tromso we have. Due to the unpredictability of our nature, you might catch a glimpse of some wild animals too.

Tromso region tour in a minibus: a all-in-one package

This is not only a Northern Light Chase, or the first signs of the Midnight Sun discovery, or a tour to visit Tromso areas, but all in one and the same package!

In this schedule tailored to suit your needs, you are provided local snacks and hot and cold drinks, in the countryside outside of Tromsø. You can relax and enjoy a peaceful moment, totally disconnected from your daily routines. This Tromso region tour is only opened for small groups. In this way, you can take time to speak with each other, and enjoy the time with your guide who is with you all the way.

You will learn a lot for sure! Come and have a fun experience with us! Contact us NOW to booking your adventure!