Midnight cruise in a polar city from Tromsø Norway

July 2, 2019

Optimize your trip to the Arctic city of Tromsø, coming on the summer season. You will be able to enjoy a midnight cruise exclusively with one of the Polar Adventures boats.

Enjoy an intense holiday-experience here thanks to the midnight sun

Indeed, from May 20th to July 22th, the sun continues to shine at midnight. It no longer sets and allows, more than any other time of the year, to enjoy an intense holiday here.
Thanks to this midnight sun, you will enjoy a brightness that will allow you to make cultural visits or day hiking, and optimize your day until evening with many visits during the nigh by boats.

Experience marine life on a boat while the midnight sun is shining

Thanks to the Midnight Cruise offered by Polar Adventures, you will be able to experience marine life at midnight. Indeed, you are about to sail through several fjords to the Norwegian Sea or Barent's Sea.
This will allow you to both see a maximum of landscapes and for sure feel the fresh polar air.
Arctic animals will surely follow your trip to introduce themselves. So you probably meet sea eagles, dolphins, small whales, or seals!

The light in each photo during this cruise is stunning

On each photo, the light will be amazing. Make sure that you you have many batteries and memory cards available, as you will need them for sure! Everything will be absolutely stunning, from our service to the landscapes, from the atmosphere to the lived experience.

Choose Polar Adventures and book now. Remember to discover all the Trips on our web page and ask us for a price package at the best price.

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