How to best photograph a midnight sun in the sea?

July 2, 2019

Do not throw out more photo during the midnight sun season with Polar Adventures tips. Come practice and take some great pictures on one of our Midnight Cruise.

Enjoy a cruise around Tromsø to try the photography

Midnight cruise is available during the midnight sun season. These take place from 21st May to 22nd July. During 3 hours, you will have the pleasure to stay in a warm room and observe nature at its best or go out and express your vision of the midnight cruise around Tromsø.

The golden light of these summer nights around Tromsø promises stunning memories to share. Nature is one of the greatest wonders!

How to value the colors of photos?

If your cruise takes place during one night with a sunny weather, the sky will surely appear like it is on fire. But still it is necessary to know how to value the colors of your photos.

Polar Adventures share you here 5 of their tips that they will develop during the cruise:

Tip # 1: Choose a frame that includes only 3 colors maximum to enhance them without too much exposure.

Tip # 2: Invite one of the people on board to take part in the photo. This will create two plans and will enhance the perspective and grandeur of the places visited.

Tip # 3: In automatic mode, your camera naturally chooses a good exposure, position the horizon at one-third of the bottom frame of your viewfinder. You will optimize the impact of light on the landscape.

Tip # 4: Allow at least two charged batteries. The differences in temperatures over the Arctic Circle are sometimes significant and discharge the battery faster, even during the midnight sun.

Tip # 5: Play with the relief shadows to bring more contrast to these golden orange glow.

Ready? Come on our Midnight Cruise, guided by Polar Adventures guides who are experts in taking pictures at sea, and specially during the midnight sun. It will be much richer and complete than a simple photo course!
Polar Adventures awaits you on one of its boats with hot drinks and small snacking, to share the Arctic life at midnight.

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