Arctic fjord tour in Tromsø, Norway

July 2, 2019

From the Center of Tromsø, with our Polar Adventures team, the Arctic fjord tour by bus will start for you. More than a classic sightseeing tour, you need to experience it. As we like to said, Arctic life needs to be live to be understood.

Make your most beautiful travel memories in Norway with us

This does not mean that you are not going to be warm, it means that you will be able to feel the real emotions of our daily life here. For this, your guide will share their most beautiful treasures with you. These will be part of your most beautiful travel memories. It is not for nothing that Tromsø is today voted the 3rd largest city in the world and 1st of the European continent, as the best travel experience. It is full of activities, and offers the most beautiful sites.

Save time, choose Polar Adventures to see the most beautiful spots around Tromsø, hear the most beautiful local stories.

Take thousands of photos and test your fortune to see Arctic animals

During this Artic fjord tour, we will make short and long stops, in order to better experience the Nature and the beauty of each place. We take the time to live every moment here.
It's engaging and awe-inspiring as every spot is different, and all deserve thousands of photos.
Even if you are not in the middle of a fjord like our Fjord Cruise by boat, you will probably have the opportunity to see Arctic animals such as seals, dolphins, sea eagles, or whales (depending on the season).

Experience the Friluftsliv, the Outdoor life!

The advantage, as it was said before, is truly to experience polar life. Around a fire, you will enjoy a good hot meal with snacks and drinks, and talk about life in Norway. Living outside is part of our culture. Everything is possible outside! It is said in Norway that there is moreover "no bad weather, only bad clothes"!
Stay calm, our team will guarantee as much your comfort as your Friluftsliv experience in Norway.

As you experience this in a small group, you can really enjoy every experience. Choose Polar Adventures for an arctic fjord tour in Tromsø and book one of your most beautiful excursions in North Norway now!

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