Svalbard Sailing Cruise

Svalbard Sailing Cruise - Explore the magnificent wildlife and nature in Svalbard on 8-16 day sailing routes with experienced sailors.

November campaign

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Explore the magnificent beauties which Svalbard has to offer on an unforgettable sailing cruise. With different routes to choose from, you'll have the opportunity to see bird mountains, seals, polar bears, reindeer, and more of the amazing wildlife and nature in Svalbard.

The ship is manned by experienced sailors who will take you to the best places on Svalbard, ensuring you have the best possible experience. The different sailing routes vary from 8 to 16 days on the sea, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and schedule.

Exclusive Experience

With a small group of only 8-12 people on board, you'll enjoy an intimate and exclusive experience. Full board is included in the tour, so you don't have to worry about meals during your sailing adventure. And if the conditions are right, you'll also have the opportunity to witness the spectacular Northern Lights.

Prices for the Svalbard Sailing Cruise range from 22,700 NOK to 55,000 NOK, depending on the duration and route you choose. Come aboard and experience the natural wonders of Svalbard in a way that few people ever have.

Tour Details
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Amazing cruise even though the weather was not great the tour operator did everything to help make the trip fun. Saw various birds and even managed to catch a fish. Food was also great and plentiful, even catered for food allergies.


Lovely Visitor

Stunningly beautiful. As a person whose been to many remote places the sights here were truly stunning. Also the man who led the tour is absolutely hilarious.


Lovely Visitor

It was a really really good experience, very well organized and father and son were a really good crew. We had done to the wale safari too which was also a good trip, Thomas is a really nice and friendly guy. We can only say we will do it again if we stay in tromsø.


Lovely Visitor

Amazing trip. The guides were fun, friendly and helpful. They shared stories about them and interesting information about the area. The captain was great at getting close to the whales, we got there before everyone else each time.


Lovely Visitor