The Polar Adventure

This package is for you who wants it all. The two boat tours will take you on different adventures, so you can be sure that you will be able to experience new things on each activity.

This package is for you who wants it all, the best of what the seas can offer and the most amazing natural phenomena that is. The two boat tours will take you on different adventures, so you can be sure that you will be able to experience new things on each activity. With fjord, fishing, whales, artic birds, Northern Lights and beautiful scenery, this is a package with activities you will remember for  the rest of your life.  

Every winter, the Humpback whales, Orcas, and the Fin Whales comes to North Norway to feed.  From 1st of November, we will take you on an adventure up to Skjervøy from Tromsø to see these  magnificent animals. The tour starts at 08:00 in the morning as you will then be the first to arrive at  Skjervøy from all the boats who departs from Tromsø. On the way up, you can enjoy the view, enjoy  a warm drink and some snacks. Once we reach the whale area, the search starts, and you can stay  out on deck and experience the wilderness of these animals. After almost three hours with the  whales, the return to Tromsø starts, you will then be served a warm meal which we make on board.  If you do get cold during the trip, thermal suits are always available in the shelfs above the seats. We will do everything we can to make sure that you have a great experience, we welcome you to join  our whale adventure.  

NB! Note that sea conditions can vary, and seasickness can occur depending on each person. We therefore recommend bringing with your seasick pills if you are prone to seasickness. For any questions or concerns, please contact us through phone or email. 

To see the Northern Lights is a must-do when visiting Tromsø and it is one of nature’s greatest  wonders. The green lady, which it is also called, is unpredictable, but our well trained Northern Light  guides will do whatever they can to make sure you get the best chances of encountering the Aurora  Borealis. The guides will meet you at the check-in point and take you towards the location where the  chance of seeing the aurora is the greatest. Once we see the Northern Lights, the guide will take as  many photos of you and the green lady as you want, it’s all included in the price. During the tour, you  will also be able to sit around a bonfire while you enjoy a warm coffee, tea or chocolate and taste the  local made stew called Lapskaus. If you do get cold during the evening and the bonfire is not enough  to keep you warm, thermal suits are always available for you in the bus. When everyone is happy and  the Northern Lights has danced its last dance, we will take you back to your hotel, Airbnb, or accommodation. The guides will do everything they can to make sure that you leave with a memory worth to remember.  

The Fjord & Fishing Cruise will take you on a journey for you to laugh, enjoy, learn, relax, and enjoy a day at sea. We will take This is our most popular activity and fits for families, couple, friends, and solo travelers. During the experience you must be on the lookout for artic animals as reindeers, seals,  dolphins, porpoises, different arctic birds, and the white-tailed eagle. You will also get the chance of trying your fishing luck as fresh fish for the daily made soup is needed. Join the crew on our boat Capella and meet the nature with a smile.  

Additional package information

It possible to add a Reindeer activity or Dog activity to one of the packages. Then you must choose one of the packages and add the package in the cart. Once the package is added in the cart, you click Activities, click the activity you want to book and add it in the cart. Note that there are no discount on remote suppliers activities, so we cannot offer a discounted price on these tours.

Amazing cruise even though the weather was not great the tour operator did everything to help make the trip fun. Saw various birds and even managed to catch a fish. Food was also great and plentiful, even catered for food allergies.


Lovely Visitor

Stunningly beautiful. As a person whose been to many remote places the sights here were truly stunning. Also the man who led the tour is absolutely hilarious.


Lovely Visitor

It was a really really good experience, very well organized and father and son were a really good crew. We had done to the wale safari too which was also a good trip, Thomas is a really nice and friendly guy. We can only say we will do it again if we stay in tromsø.


Lovely Visitor

Amazing trip. The guides were fun, friendly and helpful. They shared stories about them and interesting information about the area. The captain was great at getting close to the whales, we got there before everyone else each time.


Lovely Visitor