Whale safari in Tromso – an unforgettable experience

If there is one place to go to observe the magnificent whales at first hand, it is for sure the coast of Northern Norway. Whales are something we believe must be experienced up close, as their way of being is hard to capture from only photos and videos.

Join us at Polar Adventures for a whale safari you will never forget. Here you can see humpback whales as well as killer whales swimming right by the boat, as they are curious animals just like us. While whale watching here in Tromsø, you will also experience the beautiful nature and most likely see several other polar animals, such as sea eagles.

Create memories for life

A whale safari is something suited for all ages, so bring your family and friends on an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because here in Tromsø there are countless picturesque scenes to capture.

To join our whale watching tour, we will pick you up in Tromso center and cruise to Skjervøy where we from there start the whale watching adventure.

Our whale safari lasts around 8 hours. It is the weather at sea that controls how long the trip will last. Safety is very important to us, and of course we have everything we would need on board the boat. To ensure a comfortable experience, we recommend that you bring warm clothes, gloves, a hat and warm shoes. During the whale safaris at sea here in Tromsø, the temperature can drop below minus 30 degrees, so warm clothing is strongly recommended.

During the whale safari, hot soup will be served. In addition to this, we also have a selection of snacks that you can help yourself to should hunger arise. In this cold winter weather, we of course have coffee, tea and hot chocolate for everyone. Polar Adventure's whale watching is a guided tour, and has put together a tour that everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied with. We look forward to showing you all the wonderful Tromsø and the northern Norwegian coast have to offer in terms of fantastic nature and exciting wildlife.

If you have any questions regarding our whale watching tours, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you on this journey of a lifetime.