Northern lights boat trip

The Northern Lights are visually stunning, with their vibrant colors and ethereal patterns dancing across the night sky. The experience is often described as magical or otherworldly, and many people consider it a "bucket list" item for this reason alone.

The best time to observe the Northern Lights is during the winter months when the nights are longest, and the sky is darkest. What better way to do it, than onboard a boat chasing the northern lights?

Just imagine being out on the open sea, sky clear and the beautiful light appearing right before your eyes. 

What is it like seeing the northern lights from our boat?

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages, but no alcohol. While chasing the northern lights, you will also be able to enjoy as many cookies and hot drinks as you would like from our self service.

The boat will stay out as long as the duration of the trip allows, to make sure you get as much time as possible under the northern light.

Capturing the northern light from the boat

The Northern Lights are a popular subject for photographers and artists, offering a unique challenge to capture their ephemeral beauty. With advances in camera technology, even amateur photographers can take stunning pictures, making it a popular activity for creative individuals.

The crew onboard will show you what camera settings on your phone or camera are the best to capture the magnificent northern lights.

Time of Year to spot the northern lights

The Northern Lights are most commonly visible in the high-latitude regions near the Arctic Circle between late September and late March. This is because these months offer the longest and darkest nights, providing the best backdrop for the lights.

What to bring for the northern lights trip?

To make sure you do not get too cold, we recommend you bring warm clothes and thick shoes. Thermal suits will also be available onboard the boat.

The sky is unpredictable, therefore we can not guarantee you will see the northern lights. However, if the lights were to not show up during your trip, we will offer you a new trip free of charge. Should the weather be bad, and the forecast indicating that the light will not be visible, we will contact you in advance and advise you to change your booking.

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