Cruise Midnight sun

Are you looking for a relaxing activity? How about a cruise during the midnight sun? Polar Adventures offers a lot of great trips for everyone that wants to experience Tromso at its best. If you are one of those who would appreciate a calming atmosphere alongside amazing views, fresh air and the sound of the waves in the ocean, you should definitely check out our Midnight sun cruise.

The cruise takes you through the fjords of Tromso. Here you will be able to possibly spot a sea eagle, guillemots, eider ducks and other wildlife surrounding the cruise.

Keep cozy during the cruise in the midnight sun

During the midnight cruise you will both be able to enjoy the tour from inside our heated lounge area, or you can be out on deck, breathing in the fresh air. At the cruise there will be snacks available as well as hot drinks to keep you warm and cozy.

The tour is 3 hours long, giving you plenty of time to take in the stunning views, enjoy good company, listen to interesting stories and spotting some wild animals. Since the sun will be up the entire time, chances are you will not be able to tell night and day from each other.

What to bring to the midnight sun cruise? 

To ensure that you will not get cold, be sure to bring warm clothes and good shoes. There will also be handed out insulated bodysuits when you arrive.

Why do we get the midnight sun?

The phenomenon of the midnight sun occurs in northern Norway due to its location above the Arctic Circle. The Earth is tilted on its axis by about 23.5 degrees, and this axial tilt is responsible for the changing seasons as well as phenomena like the midnight sun and polar night. During the summer months, especially from late May to late July in northern Norway, the North Pole is tilted towards the Sun. This tilt ensures that the Sun does not set below the horizon for an extended period, resulting in continuous daylight for 24 hours a day.

Even though we can not guarantee there will be a clear sky, the midnight sun will still be noticeable. The space around you will be filled with light during midnight!

Do you want to join the cruise in the midnight sun? Make your booking for an amazing trip.

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